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What?!?! Back again?

Episode 4 is here and we are talking murders new and old! Ever heard of Joel Michael Guy, Jr.? Listen to our podcast and hear about his heinous crimes, as well as the hurricane Katrina couple!

We are back and better than ever!

Hey guys,

It's been a while! We have been listening to you and making some tweaks to the show. We hope you enjoy it! Oh, and there's a third girl that we are excited to introduce! Welcome Jamie to the show! We are talking murders old and new and we want to hear from you guys! What murders do you love to dish about? What are murders that happened near you? What murders would you like to hear us talk about? Email us at or post on our facebook!

P.S. Like our new theme music? Courtesy of my(Marki) hubby, the awesome producer, Dominic "Tic Toc" Bazile! Check him out!

Happy Halloween!

Episode 2 is here! Please be sure to subscribe on Itunes and for Android users, we are available on Player FM and Soundcloud!

In this episode we talk about Texas murderer, Bernie Tiede. We reference the 2011 movie, Bernie, with Jack Black.

We also mention the New York Times article written by the victim's niece:

Happy Halloween!

Episode 1 is here!

I told you it was coming, and today, it is here! A special thank you to my husband, Dominic (Tic Toc) Bazile for the original music added and my co host, Lexie for making this possible.


Our first episode highlights Louisiana murderesses, Madame LaLaurie and Clementine Barnabet. I have provided links below for your own information.

Tonight's cocktail is RedVodka, RedVodka with Effen Salted Caramel Vodka and Red Cream Soda.

**Please be advised that all episodes are for mature audiences. They feature possible graphic acts of violence, sex, and/or drug use and lots of foul language.


Welcome, Welcome!

Hi, guys! This is Marki B, here to introduce my new podcast along with my friend Lexie. We are planning to do a weekly recording of us gabbing about murders new and old, solved and unsolved. We will have guests occasionally and we will go on the road occasionally, but we will always have a cocktail in hand! After each episode is released, look here for the cocktail recipe and a synopsis of the podcast. We hope you enjoy the podcast. We will do our best to be respectful to victims at all times and we are open to comments and suggestions. Click the contact link on our webpage and go for it! We are also looking for guests to drop in and share your stories. We will take them recorded or emailed and if you're close you can stop into the studio!